Did you know that just last year, 17.6 billion dollars was wasted on cloud resources that were never used? That’s according to devops.com.

Cloud optimization is an essential practice in any organization seeking to maximize their cloud investments. It’s not just about reducing the cost, but also about leveraging the…

SEO traces a large part of its roots to target link building. While there various components in the SEO practice, it is arguably the most important yet challenging task that boosts your ranks. It requires deep mastery of sales programming, psychology, content creation as well traditional marketing. …

A blind spot is an area in which a driver, whilst facing forward, cannot detect other vehicles whilst looking in the either the rear-view or wing mirrors.

All HGV vehicles offer limited peripheral vision to their drivers and most of the other motorists on the road are completely unaware of these areas. With such massive blind spots it has never been more important to install multi-vehicle cameras in your fleet and get 360 degree vision.

Blind Spots Infographic

Infographic was prepared by fleetscompare.com

infographic prepared especially for medium readers

If you have ever asked yourself a question is wordpress is a good choice as a platfrom for you new website… scroll down ;-)

William Holeksa

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